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Hi, I’m Matt Howse, a tattooer based in San Diego, Palm Springs and Twentynine Palms in Southern California. Originally from Australia, my family settled into the San Francisco area shortly thereafter. I pretty much started drawing as soon as I was physically able to, and I grew up with art as my grounding place. After serving in the US Army, I'd spend the next 10 years trying to break into this magical world, my chance coming in 2001. I tattooed for for nearly 20 years in the San Francisco Bay, having spent the last 13 working at Idle Hand, Seventh Son, and Spider Murphy’s. in 2019 my wife and I moved to San Diego, where I now work at Full Circle Tattoo. Most recently, we bought property in Yucca Valley in 2023, and I now split my time between San Diego at Full Circle, Iron Palm in Palm Springs, and No Man's Land in Twentynine Palms, taking regular appointments in all three locations.


My work these days -while it’s very much rooted and influenced in American Traditional and Japanese tattooing, it's evolved to a mashup that's influenced by my music taste, spaghetti westerns, horror and mad science, UFO's, monsters ....and especially the sharks! Always the sharks! Until the day I can't any more, I'll continue to push this "thing" I'm trying to capture; this vibe in this shimmery world I have in my head. . I'm more obsessed and have more love for it every day, and I always hope my work reflects that!

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What I Do




Work in Other Media

From my studio I create artwork that stems from the unconscious to the conscious. Inspired by classic American tattoo flash, my time in the military, horror flicks, dream state, the macabre, my music taste, all of the things that shape my style and what I love.






Full Circle Tattoo - South Park Location

2312 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

Tel: ‭+1 (619) 226-6575

Iron Palm Tattoo

1800 N Vía Negocio, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Tel:+1 (760) 898-7292

No Mans Land Tattoo

73501 29 Palms Hwy B, Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

Tel:+1 (760) 903-6446




Full Circle: Sundays - Tuesdays

Iron Palm: Thursdays and Saturdays

No Mans Land: Fridays and Saturdays

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