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I was born in Australia, and we settled into the San Francisco area shortly thereafter. It all really started for me when I saw Jaws in 1975, when I was six years old. I became obsessed with, and since that time, I've always loved drawing sharks. At that point the idea of a shark being tattooed on someone was far from what I could wrap my head around. I grew up in a time where tattoos were far from fine art, far from respectable by mainstream society, and in my Northern California suburb -well, the idea of tattoos wasn't an accepted thing at all. Yet I was fascinated, hooked. While in the Army in the late 1980's, I would draw tattoos for my buddies in our artillery unit, for some of the infantry boys, and they'd get those tattooed at the only shop in Watertown NY (the guy who owned it wouldn't draw anything, so one was relegated to flash or something brought in). I'd draw crossed cannons, eagles, crossed rifles, airborne and air assault wings, Death Before Dishonor, clunky roses - pretty much the nuts and bolts of what traditional tattoos are, how I saw them at the time. All of these years later, those images are absolutely some of my favorite to draw and tattoo, it's always going to be my first connection to tattooing. My work these days; more than twenty years later -while very much rooted in American Traditional and Japanese, it's evolved to a mashup that's influenced by my music taste, spaghetti westerns, horror and mad science, UFO's, monsters ....and especially the sharks! Always the sharks!


Until the day I can't any more, I'll continue to push this "thing" I'm trying to capture; this vibe in this shimmery world I have in my head. . I'm more obsessed and have more love for it every day, and I always hope my work reflects that.

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Works of Art from
Down in the Lab

From my studio I create artwork that stems from the unconscious to the conscious. Inspired by classic American tattoo flash, my time in the military, horror flicks, dream state, the macabre, my music taste, all of the things that shape my style and what I love.





2312 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104

Tel: ‭+1 (619) 226-6575




Sunday - Wednesday: 10am - 6pm

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